Bathroom Improvement ROI

How Bathroom Renovations Increase The Value Of Your Home

Bathroom renovations are among the proven ways to increase the value of any home. Whether it’s increasing the room size to installing modern features, anything that upgrades a bathroom and makes the home more attractive to potential buyers can help increase your asking price when it’s time to sell. Read on to know a bathroom remodel adds value to your property and how to choose the right contractor for this job.

How a Bathroom Renovation or Addition Adds Value to Your Home

The number of baths in a house is often the dealbreaker for many buyers. A large family, for example, may be looking for a house with no less than 3 baths. Extra rooms with their own baths may be attractive for buyers planning on having kids. Potential buyers who are busy professionals may want walk-in showers for easy morning preparations. In other cases, bathroom space in extra rooms, such as guest rooms or basements, may make a property more attractive or worth a higher price tag, especially if these are fitted with new and modern amenities.

Even small DIY upgrades, such as new paint, new tiles, upgraded toilets or modern lighting can make the bathroom and the entire property more attractive to potential buyers. High-end amenities, paired with the rest of the house that is equally good-looking, can help dramatically increase the asking price for your property.

Is a bathroom renovation the right move?

Doing any kind of renovation is bound to help you get more for your house once you decide to sell. The catch is bathroom remodelling decisions need to be carefully planned out and done by professional contractors especially if you have a specific ROI in mind.

Homeowners need to be realistic about how a specific bathroom remodel can add to value to their house, given the kind of resources, money and time they are willing to sacrifice to get these upgrades done. For one, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to recoup 100% of your expenses by the sale date. Normally, you can expect to recoup about 45%-60% return on expenses. Also, renovations can last for up to 3 weeks. This means you may have to adjust to the ongoing construction for some time.

You also have to be willing to work with professional bathroom contractors to get top-notch results. You can’t up the asking price if you did a sloppy DIY job on your bathroom. Potential buyers will see through this and your sloppy work might end up harming your chances of getting attractive offers on your property.

Choosing the Right Professional Bathroom Contractors

Ask for referrals from people who have had good remodelling jobs done in the past. Your contractor should have ample experience, is licensed and bonded, and should be willing to start right away. The contractor should also work in teams composed of licensed or certified workers. Ask for a solid estimate of costs and time frame for the entire project. A company with ample experience doing this kind of renovation should be able to give you a reliable estimate that you can use to guide your plans and budget.

While bathroom renovations can add value to the home, how much return on investment you gain depends on several factors such as the location, the kind of renovation done, the size of the house, and what buyers are currently looking for. Most importantly, working with the right remodelling professionals can go a long way towards ensuring that your investment gives you the results you need.